Our Service

Many people need a review of their documented work (e.g., a book, a thesis, a paper or a presentation), by people of a similar or higher competency, before they submit it. The review increases their confidence in how the work will be received. What we offer is a pre-submission/delivery peer review service of your manuscript/presentation. We will provide you with expert feedback, in the form of direct edits and/or constructive comments to address, to improve your work. We derive our experience from having served as peer reviewers for many prestigious model based engineering conference program committees and journal editorial boards. We are also accomplished authors and presenters ourselves, having published and presented countless times in top refereed venues.

Make Your Manuscript Stand Out

Our experts will perform an extensive manuscript peer review. They will investigate every aspect of your paper, such as soundness of approach, reporting of method, significance to field, adequacy of literature review, quality of case studies, and sufficiency of data analysis. They will also do direct edits to fix minor problems whenever possible. Furthermore, they will provide a detailed check of venue compatibility to minimize chances of rejection. Our team’s feedback will be presented as a set of edits and comments placed on your original manuscript.

Create An Effective Presentation

Our experts will perform an detailed peer review of your presentation. They will check the flow of ideas, the ease of understanding, the clarity of the key message, the focus on relevant details, the strength of your arguments, the support of your conclusions, etc. They will also make recommendations on writing style, number of slides, content per slide, and effective use of multimedia. Their feedback will be given as a set of direct edits and constructive comments placed on your presentation.

Our Process

The process is simple. You contact us expressing your interest in our peer review service and attaching your manuscript or presentation. We will then reply to you with a quote and an expected delivery time frame (typically 7 days). Once the payment is received, we will start the review. By the deadline, we will email the document back to you annotated with our proposed edits and comments.

Recent Peer Review Roles

We have a lot of experience in peer reviewing for top international venues like:

Program Committees

MODELS 2017, 2016, 2015
ECMFA 2017, 2016, 2015
MODELSWARD 2018, 2017, 2016
CSER 2015
OSS4MDE 2015
MDETools 2017
WUCOR 2015
VVIoT 2018
ISOLA 2016

Journal Reviews

Systems Engineering 2017
Empirical Software Engineering 2017
SoSyM 2012