Our Service

An expert witness is a someone who has knowledge beyond that of the ordinary person enabling him/her to give testimony regarding an issue that requires expertise to understand. We offer an expert witness service to attorneys in our areas of technical expertise, which span a wide range of topics in model based engineering and software/systems engineering, to assist them in their litigation. The profiles of our experts, including their experience, education, certifications, licensing, training, awards, and peer recognition, enable them to be effective witnesses in intellectual property infringement or misappropriation cases.

Our Process

The process is simple. You contact us showing interest in our expert witness services and giving information about your case or the general area of expertise that you are looking for. We will reply confirming whether this case or area fall within our expertise or not. If it does, we will send you the profiles of our experts and their hourly rates. Once you decide to hire us, we will work closely with you to get the relevant details of the case and start our investigation. When we finish, we will write a report and give it to you with our findings. We can also arrange to testify in court.