Our Service

Technologies and tools vary widely in their supported features, as well as their ilities (e.g., scalability, usability, extensibility). Projects often perform a trade study between different technologies and tools before they decide on which ones to use. Furthermore, this study is often complemented by evaluations that experts have published in the literature. Unfortunately, very few technologies and tools related to software and systems engineering have independent analytical evaluations published on them.

The service we offer here is to perform an analytical evaluation on a given model based engineering technology or tool in a case study. The results gets documented (in an article or a video) and is given back to the customer and/or gets published and becomes part of the literature. We can publish in various venues, including our blog, social media, conferences, magazines and/or journals. This service can be requested by both technology developers or users. In both cases, we fully disclose our sponsorship.

Our Process

The process is simple. You contact us expressing interest in our technology evaluation service, mentioning which technology or tool you are interested in having reviewed, and sending or pointing us to some documentation it. We then respond to indicate whether the technology or tool falls within our areas of expertise or not. If it does, we send you information about our process and a form to fill to specify some parameters (e.g., how will we get access to the tool) and your requirements (e.g., where will the results be published). We then process your form, perform a preliminary analysis on the technology, then send you a statement of work and a quote. Once we receive the payment, we start our evaluation process. When we finish, we document our findings, send it to you, and submit it to the venues that we agreed on. Please notice that since some venues have a peer review process and/or a long processing time, we cannot guarantee that the evaluation will be published by a given time.