Our Service

Getting up to speed with a new technology can be a daunting and time consuming task. Taking a course can be one step to alleviate that. However, a course is often not enough, as most of the questions arise during actual practice later on. What we offer here is a coaching service to help effectively apply a model based engineering technology in practice. This subscription-based service will allow team members to post questions to a mailing list and get answers with helpful tips on how to proceed. The Q/A threads will be retained in the history for future reference. The mailing lists can either be public, open to all subscribing teams, or private to a particular team. This service will be available for all technologies we are expert in.

Our Process

The process is simple. You contact us expressing interest in our team coaching service and specifying a) which technology or practice area(s) you are interested in, b) what is your background in this area, and c) what are your coaching requirements. Then, we respond by sending you our coaching options and prices. The options typically involve choosing between a shared mailing list or a private one for your team. They also involve a required duration and a level of support (in terms of a number of questions posed).

Once the choices are made and the payment is processed, your team can start posing questions to the mailing list. Our staff will then respond with helpful answers to assist you. When the coaching period is finished, your team will still be able to see the mailing list but not pose new questions, unless the coaching package is renewed.

Please notice that this is a coaching service not a development service. Hence, our answers will describe how things can be done as opposed to doing them for you. If you are rather interested in our development service, we like to refer you to this page.