Our Service

Are you looking for an external opinion on your project?

We can review your model based engineering project's goals and accomplishments and advise you based on our findings. Specifically, we can advise you on the soundness of the technical approach, the existence of potential risks, the possible impact on the business, and the expected adoption by the user community. We can also advise you on how to tell the story to your sponsor to secure new funding. Our engagement with your project can be a one time shot, or as periodic as deemed necessary. The more familiar we become with your project(s), the deeper the insights we can offer.

We have been engaging with and advising different industrial and research projects for a long time. This often allows us to bring new and innovative ideas to the table that you may not see on your own. It also allows us to compare your approach with the state of the art or practice and advise you accordingly. Moreover, it allows us to infuse the best practices we learned by experience into the project. We also often ask tough questions that challenge the current approach and offer insights to improve it both strategically and tactically.

Our Process

The process is simple. You contact us expressing interest in our project advising service and giving us some background on your project. Then, we will follow up with you by scheduling an appointment to discuss further. This can either be in person or using a web conferencing tool. Once we have a basic understanding, we can then discuss and agree on the frequency and duration of the engagement with the project. Our fees typically include a per diem rate and travel expenses.

Recent Project: U-Test

We recently engaged with a European research project called U-Test, which was developing a technology to adequately test Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) that operate in uncertain environments using systematic and automated techniques such as model-based and search-based testing. The goal of the project was to increase the reliability of those systems.

The project was funded by Horizon 2020's Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies (LEIT) program. It was run by a consortium of 9 multinational teams from across Europe. The teams included project managers, researchers, tool vendors, and case study providers, and spanned expertise in software, embedded systems, distributed systems, and cloud infrastructure. The project was executed over a period of 3 years and incorporated an annual presentation to the sponsor to review progress.

Modelware Solutions engaged with the project as a member of the project's industrial advisory board (IAB). In this role, we got invited to an annual face-to-face meeting where the project's status was presented to the IAB. The project included several work packages including ones that focus on a) scientific innovation, b) tool development, c) integration and evaluation, d) standardization, dissemination and communication, and finally e) exploitation strategy. For each one of those work packages, we received a presentation and provided our feedback.

For example, we advised the project on possible challenges in infusing their technology in the industry today and proposed ways to mitigate that. We also highlighted sectors of the industry that can be ripe to benefit from this technology and advised the project to focus on those sectors. We also analyzed a proposal to offer the technology, in the short term, as a service as opposed to a product, and concurred with it due to the steep learning curved required from practitioners. We also challenged the technical approach and uncovered cases that were not properly addressed. We also provided feedback on the case studies and highlighted the insufficiency of the testing in some cases.