Rational Design Management®

Rational Design Management® (DM) is a next-generation cloud-based modeling tool from IBM®. It is built on top of IBM's Jazz platform and it fills the role of Architecture Management within the suite of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools by IBM that are integrated using the OSLC™ (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) specification.  DM allows definition of domain-specific modeling languages and using the definition to create and manage models right in the cloud. In addition, it also supports an integration with IBM's desktop modeling tools, namely Rational Software Architect® and Rational Rhapsody®, by making their content accessible on the cloud.


DSML Framework

The project developed a framework that allows for defining cloud-based tools for domain-specific modeling languages (DSML). This included an editor for specifying the definition of a DSML, both its abstract syntax and its visual syntax, using a connected linked data formalism (OWL/RDF). The resulting declarative definition is interpreted to by a web-based modeling tool that allows for creating and analyzing models of any DSML. The framework was used to define a modeling tool for UML® 2.x.

OSLC Interface

The project developed an OSLC interface to DM to allow it to integrate with other OSLC tools in terms of cross-referencing their artifacts and providing common UI components like artifact search and select UI. The interface was more complex to implement than the average OSLC interface since the schema of the data being integrated is not fixed but rather user-defined (for every DSML).

Development was done using Java™ on Eclipse and the server's backend and using JavaScript™ and DOJO™ on the front end.

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