Jasper® Platform

Jasper® is a platform for integrating cloud-based data query services from Coral CEA®. It allows for executing sophisticated and indirect queries on multi-dimensional live or archived data sets. The focus domain Jasper is healthcare although it is as applicable to other domains.


Data Source Adapter

This project involved defining a Mule® ESB connector that allows reading data from a data source based on a specific ontology defined in OWL™. The connector used the JMS™ protocol to receive queries based on the ontology, translate it into a native query for the data source, then sending the results back formatted according to the ontology. The project also involved creating an Eclipse® Rich Client Application (RCP) with a simple interface for modeling healthcare data in OWL™. The resulting ontology is used to configure the data source connector.

Development was in Java™ and involved the use of JMS, Mule ESB, OWL and Eclipse technologies.

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